Coach Pre-Tournament Meeting

Hospitality near the championship desk is provided for coaches who are actually coaching.  We do not provide enough food to feed coaches not actually playing in the tournament or a coach’s family and friends.  

Facility Specifics – Send Parents to Spectator Info Here
  • No Team Bench – Two chairs will be provided for coaches.
  • Find play schedule and work schedule, as well as future matches if you click your pool, crossover, or challenge match inside AES.
  • A laptop station will also be available for reviewing AES information online. WIFI/Cell service is limited.
  • Doors Open Each Day – 7:00am
  • Teams will not switch sides between sets or during any deciding set.  Teams will wave from the attack line instead of shaking hands.
General Information Coach Must Understand
    • Check-In Saturday or Sunday
      • 15-45 minutes ahead of first pool play match
      • verify roster on file – printed and waiting
      • collect player and coach credentials
    • Check-In/Out Sunday
      • No check-in before bracket
      • Check out with the site director to verify no play or ref duties await; some teams may play even after losing
    • Schedules – Pool/bracket schedules, scores, and officiating duties will be posted on AES.
    • Tournament Format and Tie-BreakersSee homepage.
    • Officiating – AES will pre-assign both playing teams to officiate the next round of bracket.  AES will not determine the officiating team until after the previous match concludes and scores are entered; in most cases, the losing team will officiate on the same court.
      • Failure to report on time for officiating duties will result in penalty points or a forfeit.
      • The coach or coach’s representative should be court-side during all assigned officiating responsibilities.
      • Phones and music devices are not to be used outside of an official time keeping capacity at the score table. Extra players do not need to crowd the score table.
      • I understand the R1 will call captains, and my team, if officiating the next match, should begin warm up time IMMEDIATELY following the previous match and before discussing the team’s recent playing performance!
      • I will bring a whistle and coin for my R2, as well as a time keeping device.
    • Roster – I understand my team’s roster should be entered into AES and that I will collect it at check-in to submit for credentials.
    • Trainer – A trainer will be available Saturday from 9am-7pm. On the front page of the website is a list of local medical centers in the event an injury occurs.
    • Warm-up balls are not provided.
    • Trash – I am responsible for the cleanliness of my team’s bench area.
    • Vandalism – My players know that anyone defacing or otherwise doing damage to any part of a facility or equipment will be asked to leave, especially the score book and flip scores.
    • Awards – Following championship matches, all gold and silver champions and the runner-up in gold will collect awards from the Championship desk.