Up Ref Info – Volley Palooza

Match Play Format

  • Pool Play, Saturday
    • two sets only starting at 4-4
  • Bracket, Saturday following pool play
    • best of 3
      • 4-4 start in non-deciding sets
      • 0-0 in deciding set
  • Warm-ups are 4-4 for first match and 3-3 thereafter.
  • 11 and under may step up to the black line in Titan about three feet inside the standard service line.  They may not cross the black line before they serve.

Staying on Time

We have a start time of 8:00am – Do not start more than a couple minutes early on the first match of the day.

  • Whether you have the next match or are arriving to a court, call captains the second the teams clear the court from the previous match. Do NOT wait until after finalizing a score sheet.
  • Monitor time closely for the 4-4 or 3-3 warm-up, timeouts, etc.  The pre-match shared time will not officially be timed; it will start at the conclusion of the previous match and occur during the captains’ meeting.
  • Do all you can to keep the pace moving during the match between whistles.
  • Getting the score sheet to the tournament desk for closer courts or to the folder in the middle of the grey net where the four corners of courts 4, 6, 9, and 11 meet is secondary to getting the next match going.  At some point, please do bring it to the tournament desk or to the folder hanging between those courts in the middle of the arena.
  • Sunday Score Sheets – please remain downstairs near championship or in the meeting room diagonally across from championship.  There will be drinks in there and a place to sit.  There is no time to hunt officials when the court is ready and score sheets become available.

Reserved Parking Directions

It will be available on the north end of the building.  A parking pass will be provided by email.

Match Procedures

  • Click here to fill out and print a W9 if you have yet to do so at an earlier tournament.  Bring completed W9 to check-in or email if you wish. I only need page 1.
  • Check in before heading to court and pick up a game ball and submit W9. This lets us know you are present.
  • Pre-filled score sheets labeled with the teams assigned will be hanging in a clear folder on the ref stand. Be sure to use the correct score sheet each match.
    • Line-up and libero tracking sheets will be on the table along with all other supplies.
  • Court Management
    • Before the match
      • No adult is on the court or bench area who does not have credentials.
      • Tell any adult facilitating team activities to report to championship for credentials. We will confirm membership.
    • After the match
      • Trash Can – When full, please pull liner and drop in a nearby can or just dump into a nearby can, leaving the liner intact.  Additional liners are in bottom.
    • After the last match on Sunday, please bring the following back to championship.
      • Game balls – bring back on Saturday night also but nothing else until Sunday.
      • Trashcan with any remaining liners (Please empty can with used liner one last time before returning cans and any remaining liners. You can leave the used tied up trash liner near the score table if you want or dump in a nearby can.
        • Place the following inside the empty trashcan and bring to championship to exchange for a paycheck.
          • Hanging folder with rubber band from ref stand
          • Everything used on score table EXCEPT FLIP SCORE
          • Rolled up vinyl signage hanging on the net and any signage from the score table
        • LEAVE the flip score

Hospitality Room – Upstairs just off the elevator overlooking the courts.

Junior Official Evaluations – Teams will likely be asking for help filling out R2 rating sheets. Please avail yourself and review the rating sheet any player or coach asking for a rating should provide at the time of the match.

Please Review – your ref rating in AES and be sure it reflects the correct information.

Provisional – $30 Regional – $32 Junior National – $35 National – $37