Sport Court Setup

Kaizen Invitational – Tulsa Convention Center
Set Up – Feb 24 (maybe Feb 23 evening)
Tear Down – Feb 26 – Start 5pm tentatively
$300 Per Court

Each court will be available to adopt for setup and tear down. A person signing up (Team Captain) must commit to the timely setup and tear down of the entire court.  The team captain will be responsible for building his or her team of helpers.

There will be approximately twenty-eight courts, and a team captain may adopt as many courts as they like, but it is highly recommended that enough people be on the team in order to finish a court in about 90-120 minutes.  Five to six workers can set up a court and tear it down in about 60-75 minutes of continuous work.  It is not recommended to work with a team of less than four.

We are hoping to have as many courts finished by 5:00pm Friday night as possible.  Tearing down the courts will need to start immediately following the completion of the tournament.

The team will lay the floor and tape the lines.  The net will be set up by tournament staff.

Two Backup Courts are Still Available (if needed)