Tournament Format – Comeback Classic

General Info
  • Match times are a goal.  Be prepared to play early.
  • Clean your Bench Every Match, please and thanks!
  • 12s and 13s – Four Team Division – Three sets guaranteed in each match starting at 4-4 with no cap.
  • 14s and 15s
    • Four Team Pools – Sets 1 and 2  will be to 25 starting at 4-4 with no cap; any third set is to 15 starting at 0-0.
    • Five Team Pool (15s Pool A) – 2 sets to 25 starting at 4-4
  • Warm-ups will be 4-4 for initial match and 3-3 for later matches. Serve within your time.
  • R-1(up official will be provided) while teams will provide R-2, Score/Flip, Libero Tracker, and 2 Line Judges
    • Have your team ready to officiate at the conclusion of the previous match; report to the R1 official.
Bracket Play
  • 12s and 13s – No bracket play – Round robin determines winner.
  • 15s – 5th Pool A will not advance and will have no officiating responsibility in the bracket.
  • All sets during bracket will start at 0-0 and play 2/3 to 25.
  • Review officiating and playing assignments in AES; some teams will officiate the previous match before playing match one in the bracket.
  • Losing Team Officiates – AES will pre-assign both playing teams to officiate the next round of bracket.  AES will not determine the officiating team until after the previous match concludes and scores are entered; in most cases, the losing team will officiate on the same court.


  • 12s – 1st and 2nd in Division
  • 13s –1st and 2nd in Division
  • 14s – 1st and 2nd in Gold – 1st in Silver
  • 15s – 1st and 2nd in Gold – 1st in Silver