First and Hopefully Last
Comeback Classic
June 20, 2020

Experiencing a fever above 100.4 within 14 days prior to the tournament or on the day of the tournament may not attend.

Coach's Meeting

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    Tie Break

    • Spectators NEED CHAIRS – All blechers and rented chairs will be eliminated.  Please assure the rubber feet are suitable to protect the flooring.
    • Masks are encouraged but not mandated.
    • Wash and sanitize hands often and keep hands away from face.
    • Social distance when possible.
    • Players and Coaches
      • Coach – complete the PRE-tournament meeting linked above.
      • Officiating Duties – No libero tracking.  Score keeper and score flipper will be separated – the chairs for flip and score will be sanitized between matches.  All other duties will be as normal.
      • The floor will be marked where kids will stand for subs and for the pre-match coin flip.  Please look for these markings.
      • The team bench will be removed – Plan to stand.
      • Hand-sanitizer will be court-side to use BEFORE warm-ups
      • Game ball will be sanitized for each set, and each court will have multiple game balls to allow for drying time.
      • No pre-match line-up or meeting at the net before or after the match.
      • After warm-ups, players will take the court for the R2 to check the line-up.
      • Following the match
        • Players may wave and acknowledge the opponent before retiring to the bench.
        • Players will wash or sanitize hands once again.